Using your Trapped Animal for Bait to Catch Another

You caught an animal using a rat trap or a body grip trap and killed the animal in the trap. Some use
Raccoon in Live Cage Trap
trapping for food or for fur. Either or you do, you can use the "waste" of that animal to trap another animal! How cool is that. You can use the fat, guts, head, or if your not going to eat the meat use the meat for bait. Throw the "waste" in a live cage trap, body griping trap, rat trap, or an homemade trap, like a snare.

What Animals to use to Catch...
  • Use Raccoon "waste" to catch opossum
  • Use Squirrel or Chipmunk "waste" to catch: badgersbobcats, coyotes, foxes, lynx, raccoonskunks, weasels, and wolverines.
  • Use Fox "waste" to catch lynx, bear, and wolf
  • Use Opossum "waste" to catch foxes.
  • Use Rabbit "waste" to catch coyotes, foxes, and bobcats ...The young are eaten by minks, skunks, and long-tailed weasels.