REVIEW ~ Cincy Fisher Baits: New Fishing Site

December 22, 2015: 
Review by Bryan Mays, 
Cincy Fisher Baits is a company specializing in high quality yet affordable baits for the serious bass angler. They don't take shortcuts in building our baits. Hooks are carefully selected for the intended application and sized right. Commercial baits often come with cheap, under-sized hooks that just don't hold up. Too many baits come with cheap Chinese swivels that bind up after a few minutes of use. Many paint jobs and clear coats don't hold up even though they look great in the store... Their baits are designed and tested by serious tournament anglers with high standards. Quality costs a bit more but our baits are meant to be tools for the bass fisherman and quality tools cost a bit more. Customer service is very important to Cincy Fisher Baits. Not just because happy customers return to buy more baits. But because that's just how they think. If you are ever unhappy with your purchase from Cincy Fisher Baits, they will move mountains to make it right. Check them out at