The Camouflaged Fox

December 16, 2015,
The Camouflaged Fox
Blake Alma - The Founder of The Art of an Outdoorsman

It was a beautiful sunny morning, and the birds were singing and the squirrels were munching. I looked out my bedroom window and glanced at the giant red oak tree in my backyard. I quickly noticed a squirrel coming down the tree. My heart leaped. Now, why did my heart leap? I had been trying to trap a squirrel to use it for bait to trap a large furbearer. The squirrels are smarter than ever
this season, so I knew it would be hard. I fixed my eyes on that squirrel. The squirrel got closer and closer to the ground. It then reached the ground and walked on the path that I had made. That path lead up to a snare that I had set there. It continued walking toward my snare. My heart was beating faster and faster. My eyes then burned in amazement when I watch that snare’s noose tighten around that squirrel’s neck. I jumped up and down, and shouted, “I just snared a squirrel.” To be honest, I wasn’t sure why I was so excited, but I indeed was. I walked up to the snare with my air gun and shot it in the head. I pulled it out of the snare and cleaned the squirrel. I kept the meat and ended up using the tail for a visible attachment to catch a larger furbearer.

I went back inside to get my trapping gear and I went into the woods with my squirrel tail. I found a very nice game trail, of which looked like it belonged to raccoons. I grabbed my foothold trap and bedded it unto the ground. I create the path of the least resistance and made a hole set. I stuck the tail
in the hole and made sure everything was right. Once everything was right, I left the trapline and journeyed back home. I woke up the next morning and checked the trapline. Unfortunately I caught nothing. The day flew by and the next morning arose. I again went back outside. It was a rainy, autumn day. I went outside with the lowest of expatiations. I strolled by the foothold trap I had set a couple days ago, and saw nothing. However, the tail was gone. I approached the foothold trap and a red fox was just relaxing there. I came within one foot of its face. I didn’t even see it! It was that close to ripping a chunk out of my leg! I almost had a heart attack. However, I was over joyed to see that red fox in my foothold trap. It was the first red fox of the season. I thought I would get a raccoon, not a red fox. Even though the red fox was a small one, it still was very awesome!

I tried to release the fox with my homemade PVC pipe catching pole, but he snapped the wire on the pole! That is impressive. Sadly, I didn’t have the materials to fix my pole, so I had a friend mine come over to take a look at the fox. He had brought his .22 for he had shot it 2 times in the head before it died. The fox was one tough girl. I pulled out the fox from the foothold trap and skinned it.

I only tell you this story of mine because you never completely know what you’re going to trap. Even the best of trappers don’t know completely what they are going to catch. You may have the best of
lures to trap a certain animal, but you might not catch that target animal. Also, always be sure to double check your trap to make sure there is not an animal trapped in it. I learned that the hard and scary way. So always be prepared on what you might find, because you never know what you might trap next.