Raising a Child in the Art of an Outdoorsman!

January 26, 2016:
By Blake Alma,

In this lost world that is greatly addicted to technology, I hope there is still room for hunting, fishing, and trapping. Children these days are being brought up in competitive sports, television, cell phones, and videos games. In and of itself, none of those are wrong. However, when it becomes a child’s main priority in life, well then, we have a problem. There is so much more than technology in this world. Kids these days should be focused on God, family, people, school, and then their hobby. I’ll admit, I do like technology. It is quite handy and sometimes fun, but these video games are taking us away from family time and true wholesome enjoyment! Video games and TV can be something you can do at night after dinner, not all day long or right after school/work! Finding another hobby would be ideal. A hobby that will give you exercise, knowledge, family time, experience, free food, character, enjoyment, adventure, survival skills, and even money! The outdoors can bring all of that unlike video games and TV! It is not that children do not want to go outside, it is just that they have no idea what to do outside for none will teach them. Fathers, mothers, and grandparents need to teach their children or grandchildren the art of being outside! The outdoors can literality change someone’s life. It will change a child’s lifestyle, from being lazy, to being more active. The outdoors can bring carriers and a great lifestyle. It will change all who find peace in it! It is one of the answers to changing this nation! It can change people. It is just a matter of learning and cherishing it!

I encourage fathers and grandfathers who hunt, fish, trap, camp, or do any outdoor pursuit to raise their children in the art of an outdoorsman, of which you love dearly. Pass on your skill to your kids, whether
Blake's brother, Zak, hugging his fish
it be a son or daughter! If they do not want to learn the skill of the outdoors, take them out and show them what it is like for the first time. Keep trying and trying, and I know they will fall in love with it, even as I. Unfortunately, I taught myself outdoor recreation activities, for it did redirect my life. I actually thank my friend, Bryan May, for introducing me to fishing, which did lead me to learning other outdoor pursuits. Now, Bryan writes fishing articles for me, even unto this day. So I hope you will teach your children or grandchildren this great art of an outdoorsman, so they might pass it down to their children too. If you teach your children, I am utterly confidence the outdoorsman’s skill will not perish. It, Lord-willing, will be passed down from generation to generation. I have no kids of my own, but I have a much young brother. He is four years old at the time this was written. I really love having him come out fishing with me and seeing him hold my fish. I hope that he grows to be a greater and grander outdoorsman than me. I only hope and trust you will do the same for your children! So let’s bring back the great and useful art of an outdoorsman and change the world’s lifestyle with God’s great outdoors, for that is why He gave it unto us…

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” - Matthew 19:26b

In the name of God and His outdoors,
Blake Alma - Job 37:14

Blake and Zak with a hunted squirrel