Do It Your Way

February 13, 2016:
By Josh Mace, 

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!! You look over at your clock and its 4:30am. How many of you see this the first day of hunting season every year? We all have our patterns just like the prey we

hunt. STOP! Break the pattern; shake it up a little, maybe even have a good breakfast and
coffee, then go out at 10am or maybe noon. Sometimes the big bucks move later in the day when hunger may make them move, or maybe because the sun just feels good on their backs. Just because season is here you should never stop practicing or scouting areas either.  Have you ever been on your way to your stand and found a new rub, scrap, or even a new trail.  Scout it out, it may be your advantage. Maybe the deer’s pattern has changed due to weather, season, or too much predator contact. Scouting is a year around endeavor. In season practice is always a must! You never know if your sights have gotten bumped or came loose. What I do depending on the time of day when I hunt is to always take a practice shot before I head afield. This also serves as a confidence boost too. With that practice shot under your belt before a hunt, it may also help in short term muscle memory for your hunt that day. Just like there is no seasons end for scouting and practicing there should be no closed season in your journey to be closer to God and your quest to spread his word.

Some Hunters, just like Christians do, get stuck in the cookie cutter ways of following the public and main stream media. “STOP IT!” Think outside the box, use the ideas from what everyone else tells you as an outline. From these ideas establish your’ own way to hunt or to worship, its what works for you not what works for others. Get yourself into the Bible and into the woods, try taking the Bible and God’s word into the woods with you. Do it your way, as long if it is God's way too! There is not right or wrong way to do either. How many of you sit in your stand and watch deer move just out of range, day in and day out? However, because the professionals tell you it’s a bad idea to jump stands or even move a stand in a middle of a hunt, you do as they say and stay there because it’s the so called “right way”. I say, “Hog wash” move, raise your chances get closer to that buck, maybe even get a shot. I can tell you it works; I have done it! 

I sat and watched a buck run a doe at 40 yards all morning once they left sight, and I couldn’t hear them moving I got down and took my stand down as silently as I could. I slipped in 30 yards closer. It was about 15 minutes later; there was the buck that I had previously watched chasing a doe. “THWACK!!!!” Yup a dead tree! My arrow missed its mark but my point is right. Something else we all get caught up in is our appearance. Most of us want the latest and greatest camo. All the major brands tell you theirs is better than the others, to get you to buy into the hype. In my opinion, it’s more about concealment than camo pattern. Yes, patterns help, I’m not saying they don’t but you could sit in a stand on a telephone pole. If your body outline is not broken up chances of a deer walking by and looks at you, you’re going to be busted. Let’s look at the definition of the two

Camo: a combination of colors and pattern used to make a hunter harder to be seen

Concealment: to hide something or someone out of sight. 

So what I am trying to say is don’t drain your kid’s college fund on camo, but find yourself camo you that you can afford. I concern myself more with concealment than camo. What I mean is break up your body out line, cut some branches, and brush your stand a little bit. Another thing don’t set your stand up to where you can be sky lined. If that means only getting ten feet off the ground so be it. I would rather hunt ten feet up in a tree and be very well concealed, than to be thirty feet and stick out like a sore thumb. The same rules apply for ground blinds. Make sure to brush it in and keep the outline broken up. These rules apply to Christians too. Just as you felt the need to get closer to that big buck maybe you feel like you need to get closer to God. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable attending your current Church. Does it feel stale, or you will feel that it is not fulfilling to be in desired relationship you want with God. Whatever it maybe, try visiting other churches in your area. Who knows? You may just find one you like and mesh with really well and it suits your’ needs. Again, do what work for you, do it your way, as long as it is also God's way. Although my arrow missed its mark at that buck, my arrow has never missed it’s mark any time I have wanted to move closer to God. I will guarantee yours won’t either.

As it says in 1 Samuel 16:7; God does not look at your appearance on the outside, he looks and cares about what’s in your heart. With that said, it doesn’t matter whether you wear shorts and a t-shirt or a suit to church. What matters is how honest and pure your heart is in worshiping the Lord.

With all that is happenings in today’s world, I thought this scripture is fitting.

1 Timothy 2:2; Pray for kings and everyone who is in authority so that we can live a quiet and peaceful life in complete godliness and dignity.