Survival or Survive?

July 12, 2016:
By Blake Alma,

Because I love survivalism, I would chuckle if someone asks me, “So you’re a survivor?” I probably would reply, “Haha, the only thing I’m hardly a survivor of is growing up in a family as the oldest of
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8 children. I believe the correct word you are looking for is survivalist. Yes, I am a survivalist.”

There are so many survival definitions making it so confusing to know what means what. Like knowing the difference between surviving and survival. To the normal urban human, the term survive and survivor is the only two terms regarding survival there are. However, there are more than just two terms for us to know. Let’s go ever all the survival terms.

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 Here is the definitions of the word “survive”.

Now, there is a significant difference between the word survive and survival. So here is the definition of survival.

The word “survival” is the act, skill, or knowledge surviving. The word “survive” is when we are actually struggling to live. Survival Life is not called Survive Life. Why? Because we are not physically struggling to live. Survival Life is named the way it is because we are learning the art of surviving, we aren’t actually surviving a zombie apocalypse, a natural disaster, or an urban/wilderness survival situation. Otherwise, one probably could not have the internet to read this article in the first place…duh! Now that you hopefully know the difference between survive and survival, let’s talk about the difference of a survivor and a survivalist.

 Here is the definition of survivor:

 Here is the definition of survivalist:

A survivor is one who has actually survived a crazy disaster. A survivalist, of which I’m a survivalist not a survivor, is one who studies survival. Remember survival is the art of surviving. Henceforth, a survivalist is one who studies the art of surviving. A survivalist is not one who has survived an incident, just one who studies how to survive that incident. A survivor is not one who studies survival, but one who has survived.

 Let’s talk now about the difference between surviving/survived and survivalism.

 Here is the definition of surviving:

Here is the definition of survivalism:

Surviving is the actual moment to survive. Survivalism is the study of survival. Again, a survivalist is one who studies survivalism or survival. A survivor is one who is surviving an incident or one who has survived.

I hope this article will help you understand the differences between these survival definitions.