31 Ways to Start a Fire

August 4, 2016:
By James E. Hart,

Many of you out there can only think of a few ways of starting a fire with or without matches. However there are literally dozens and dozens of ways that you can make a fire using combinations of materials to make fire. Using your thought process and materials in your fire making kit, if you have allowed yourself the right combinations you can make a fire easily and with various ways. In my fire making kit I carry the following materials:

(1) Ferro Rod
(1) Bag Sisal Fiber
(1) Magnesium Bar w/striker rod
(1) Waterproof Container w/Waterproof Matches
(1) Bag Dryer Lint
(1) Bag 0000 Steel Wool
(1) Bag Cotton Balls
(1) Tin Live Fire
(1) Container Vaseline
(2) 4” Candles
(1) Bottle Finger Nail Remover
(1) 4” Magnifying Lens
(1) Container Lip Balm
(1) Fire Starter Log
(1) 9 volt Battery

The reason I have put together this fire kit is because it gives me a variety of ways to make a fire that I can alter given the environment and weather. For instance, should the weather be wet and rainy I
can use the fire starter numbers 11, 16 or 24. The finger nail polish remover would give the extra heat and fire start to the tinder in the dampness to help start the larger twigs.

In dryer weather any of the different combinations would be good to use. As you can see, using your brain you can make a fire with just about any combination and anything in the wild that resembles what you can get in the urban environment as long as it complements the same fiber size. Dried fungus from trees crushed to fine power makes good punk to throw your spark into to start your fire. Once the spark is caught in the powder you blow gently until it gets hot enough to start the flame in your punk.

Using the above Fire Kit here is the different ways to utilize the contents to start a fire.

1. Ferro Rod/Rotted Wood/Finger Nail Polish Remover. Place a few drops of the Finger Nail Polish Remover on some dry Rotted Wood Flakes, and with your Ferro Rod aim your sparks so they land on or near the Finger Nail Polish Remover. The wood should catch the spark and an ember should start. Blow gently until a flame catches which should catch the Finger Nail Polish Remover. Then place this into your tinder.

2. Ferro Rod/Rotted Wood/Sisal Fiber. Place some dry rotted wood flakes nearby your fire place and with your Ferro Rod aim your sparks from it into your wood flakes until an ember takes hold, blow gently until you get a flame and place sisal fiber onto it, transfer this to your fireplace.

3. Ferro Rod/Rotted Wood/Vaseline. As with the Finger Nail Polish, place a little Vaseline on some of the rotted wood chips and aim your Ferro Rod Sparks into the rotted wood chips. When you get an ember to catch blow gently until a flame is present and direct it towards the Vaseline. The Vaseline will catch slowly and help the wood burn longer and hotter allowing the twigs to catch better.

Follow the above procedure for all the rest and you will have fire.
4. Ferro Rod/Rotted Wood/Lip Balm. Lip Balm works the same as vaseline
5. Ferro Rod/Rotted Wood/Live Fire. The live fire needs flame to catch.
6. Ferro Rod/Dryer Lint/Sisal Fiber.
7. Ferro Rod/Dryer Lint/Candle
8. Ferro Rod/Dryer Lint/Vaseline
9. Ferro Rod/Dryer Lint/Lip Balm
10. Ferro Rod/Dryer Lint/Live Fire
11. Ferro Rod/Cotton Ball/Finger Nail Polish Remover
12. Ferro Rod/Cotton Ball/Vaseline
13. Ferro Rod/Cotton Ball/Lip Balm
14. Ferro Rod/Cotton Ball/Live Fire
15. Ferro Rod/Steel Wool/Vaseline/Nail Polish Remover
16. Waterproof Matches/Candle/Sisal Fiber
17. Waterproof Matches/Live Fire
18. Waterproof Matches/Ferro Rod
19. Starter Log/Waterproof Matches
20. Magnifying Lens/Dryer Lint/Vaseline
21. Magnifying Lens/Dryer Lint/Finger Nail Remover
22. Magnifying Lens/Dryer Lint/ Lip Balm
23. Magnifying Lens/ Dryer Lint/ Live Fire
24. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery/Cotton Ball/Finger Nail Polish Remover
25. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery /Cotton Ball/Vaseline
26. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery /Cotton Ball/Lip Balm
27. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery /Cotton Ball/Live Fire
28. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery /Dryer Lint/Vaseline
29. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery /Dryer Lint/Finger Nail Remover
30. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery /Dryer Lint/ Lip Balm 31. Steel Wool/9 Volt Battery / Dryer Lint/ Live Fire

So you see, there are at least 31 ways to start a fire in this kit, and if I were to use natural sources such as grass, cattails, wood shavings, dandelion fluff, etc. I could expand it to well over a hundred ways to start a fire even if I took out the waterproof matches.

I would encourage everyone to put together a fire making kit consisting of at least three separate ways to start a fire without matches or a Bic Lighter, but do put them in. Then sit down and figure out how many different ways your kit can be used to make fire. It may just surprise you! Then figure out what natural plants in the wild you can use to start a fire with, such as Dry grass, Leaves, Shaved bark, Dandelion head, Birch bark, Cattail fluff, Cattail leaves dry, Dry pine needles, Fat Lighter or Fat wood, Tinder fungus, Punk wood, Poplar Cotton.

Be wise, think, and be prepared. Thanks.

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