A Teenaged Girl Receives Thousands of Hate Messages on Facebook because of her hunting photos!

August 19, 2016:
By Blake Alma

Aryanna Gourdin, a normal 12-year old girl, has been hunting with her dad for years. Aryanna often hunts for big game in the state of Utah.

Recently, Aryanna and her father went on a hunting trip to Africa. During her hunting trip in Africa, she legally pulled off shooting both a zebra and a giraffe. I have personally been hunting game for years and I have never shot a trophy like that in my lifetime! Aryanna simply decided to post a picture her harvest on Facebook, the social media site. Unfortunately, because of anti-hunters on the internet, she received many hate massages and even death threats! She received over 73,000 negative comments on her Facebook post. She has been called “sick” and “animal hater.” Aryanna has not recanted her hunting lifestyle. She simply has replied kindly and softly to this situation saying, “I will never back down from hunting, because I am a hunter!”. Many outdoorsmen and supporters of Aryanna have stated, “Let the haters hate. Hunt away Aryanna!”

Her father, Eli Gourdin, has been hunting all of his life and has passed his skills onto his daughter. They are both still pursuing the outdoors through all this hate. It is so simple; human life is far greater than animal life. In the past 20 years, we humans have respected animal life more than our own kind! Foolishness…

Today, Aryanna and her father, Eli, co-host on The Outdoorsman's Art Radio Show.

Image via Facebook