The Simple Magnet Compass

September 27, 2016:
By Dusty Morris

The quick tip I'm sharing today will allow you to carry a compass that's smaller and more reliable than a button compass. The components that make up this compass are multi-use items themselves. So, here is what you'll need.
- 2 magnets
- 1 piece of thread
- A Sharpie
The two magnets are the small coin shaped neodymium magnets. This can be found in the hobby department of most stores.

To turn these three items into a compass simply place the thread between the two magnets, kinda like a sandwich. When suspended like a pendulum, the magnets will automatically orient themselves to the North and South.

Now use a Sharpie and label one side with the letter N and the other side with the letter S.

This compass has another useful and unique feature. This compass can be used in complete darkness by simply feeling the direction with your fingers. Below is video for furth detail about the simple magnet compass.

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