The Root of Antihunting Activism

March 4th, 2017:
By Blake Alma

Antihunters are people who lack the understanding to hunting and conservation. Anti's are convinced that it is wrong to hunt animals for whatever reason. Whether that reason be hunting for food, fur, pest control, conservation, and trophy hunting. Now, even some hunters may be against trophy hunting and I understand that. I am not necessarily against trophy hunting, however, is it not something I pursue. Nor do I necessarily recommend it as we should be resourceful of God's creation. I am against poaching, not because of the killing of the animal, but because they are killing the animal illegally.

If anti's were just against poaching, I would stand by their side, however, they are against all forms of hunting. Most anti's eat meat too! They don't care about how the farmers kill the animals but they care about how hunters kill animals. Hunting is actually more humane than livestock/farming. Why? A deer gets to live his life at the fullest in the wilderness while the cow is encaged for all or most of its life for the purpose to one day die and be meat for us. So hunting is a much more humane way of killing. So antihunters should really be more concerned about livestock than wildgame. They should be antifarmers. Now, I am not against farming in any way at all, but if anti's want to get mad, get mad at farmers. LOL!

Antihunting Activism is really around for one reason. First off, vegans and antihunters need something to cling onto and say I am "GOOD!" Or to say, "I am better than you because I don't hunt animals and you do."  They are trying to make them feel better about themselves by clinging onto to animals. I am not trying to be mean, but this is a true statement. Veganism and animal activism have NO spiritual meaning nor any physical meaning.

Spiritual: God said we have dominion over the animals and that we can hunt them for food. Read Genesis 1:26, Genesis 9:3, and Psalms 8. So when I get to heaven, I will never wish that I saved more animals, but I will wish that I saved more people for Christ.

Physical: We, as humans, have hunted for 4,000+ years. For us not to hunt would be abnormal. Antihunting is a relatively new thing. If I went up to some carnivorous animal and politely asked it to not hunt for food, what would it do? It would KEEP hunting. The carnivore will hunt no matter what. You can take his teeth away and it would still try to hunt. You can take my guns away and I will still try to hunt! Nothing will stop me from hunting. Hunting is a natural thing. So antihunting and veganism is an unnatural thing. Hence animal activism serves no purposes.

Animal activism is nothing more than saying "I am holier than thou."

Why do anti's think that "protecting" animals is a good thing? (Hunting and conservation actually protects animals more than not killing animals does, FYI). For most of those born after the 70's (I was born in the past 20 years), they had very little connection with nature. Outside of pets (if you wanta call that nature, I don't), the only connection with nature that most people have is with TV! These recent animated films about animals have somehow convinced people that animals have human-like emotions like romance, family caring, and some purpose to life. Animals do not have human emotions. We are the stewards of this earth because God gave us these emotions.

Anti's will be like, "How do you know that animals don't love each other?" Ok, I am a hunter and outdoorsman, and unlike anti's, I have seen nature outside of television. A buck will move from one doe to another. An animal's goal is to eat and reproduce, that is all. In order to do such, animals will work together in groups, or as anti's call them, "families." Animals do not have emotions like humans. Okay?!?! So, please put that into your thick skulls. TV is fake, the outdoors is real...

Anyways, the root to antihunting activism is "goodness." Antihunting and veganism has no goodness meanwhile hunting does.

This all being said, I hope hunters will understand why antihunting and veganism is so foolish. Now, I guarantee you, that you will find this article on social media posted by anti's saying "This guy is a moron." or "This article is bull crap." Okay! That is how they will respond because they will be angry because they know I am right. As the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3, there will be despisers of those that do good!

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