Turkey Hunting with a Purpose

April 28th, 2017:
By Trey Johnson,

Man where to start, I can say without a doubt this bird has kept many hunters like myself up all night thinking where and how to set decoys and what calls to use. I've hunted turkeys from private land to public land, in the fog, rain, heat and cold and every time was a day well spent. I'll never forget the first time I heard a long beard gobble from a limb on a cool spring morning, the overwhelming joy of knowing he's in the area, and the immediate fear of calling wrong too much or not enough. It was enough to drive a turkey hunter batty.

I learned to call turkeys from a family friend and my dad it was a lot to take in and remember. I would go watch them call and hunt and just listen and watch what they would do and when they would do it. One day, I figured, I was ready and I set off on opening morning pocket full of diaphragm calls a slate and a crow locator call. I sat on the edge of a foggy field soaked in the view for a few minutes and remembered watching my dad use his hat to do a fly down call, so that's what I did it worked a gobble fired off to my right. Boy, I was on top of the world. Then I watched a large dark figure fly out about 250 yards from my decoys and gobble again, I knew it was on and I was going to tote a bird out of the woods boy was I wrong. About the time he gobbled, two hens flew down and swept him away. I threw the kitchen sink at that Turkey and nothing phased him. My confidence was at an all time low I was ready to quit turkey hunting, but I didn't! I went again the next morning and made it happen I took a Jake and it changed my life forever.

During the spring time, I notice myself running off the road because if I see a field then my attention goes to trying to see a field full of turkeys instead of watching the road. I've had my wife cut mouth calls because I'd practice in the house and she hated the racket. I spent all kinds of money on all kinds of calls only to do it over again each year. But I've had some of the best times of my life running and cursing after a long beard in the woods. I would encourage all hunters to get their little ones in the woods and teach them all they can. Because this fast moving world slows down in the woods hunting or fishing and will take you away from the fast moving, technological, social media world. This gives turkey hunting a purpose, for it allows us to enjoy our Lord's greatest creation the OUTDOORS!

Trey Johnson 
Vice President of B&B Outdoors