5 Tips to Getting that Tough Bite

May 3rd, 2017:
By Sean Haney,

Everyone has had a day on the water that they don't want to repeat. The tough bite... don't get me wrong any day outdoors and enjoying God's finest creations is a blessing. Herbert Hoover once said, "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." It is in these times we must re-think our strategies.

Get smart: Start thinking small and downsize your bait choices. Sometimes when the bite is slow a smaller bait may change your day.

Hit the brakes: Slow down your presentation and be more methodical. Feel the bottom with your jig, since the flutter of your crankbait and ease the twitch on your drop shot.

Play with color: Pay attention to watercolor. If the water is dark, murky and visibility is at a minimum try dark colored lures work best. The opposite is true when the water is clear and you can see the bottom even as you reach five to eight feet of water. In clear water try light and bright colors.

Make some noise: Sometimes a bit of noise is all it takes to turn around your day. Noisy lures like rattle traps, chatterbaits and poppers can help immensely on dark water and on windy days. The sounds these baits give off under water help the fish to locate them the same as they locate their food.

Drop it like it’s hot: One of my favorite tough bite finesse tactics is the dropshot. I rig this with about 12 inches of the line after the hook for the dropshot weight. For the bait I use a Small-E by Tricky Phish Bait company but any three to four-inch soft stick bait should do the trick. Remember to play the color of the water correctly.

Try putting some of these techniques to use and turn your day around! Remember to enjoy your time outdoors and try to introduce new people to the world we love! Fish have off days too... you just have to get them in the right mood! Tight lines and tight groups!