Take Someone With You

May 5th, 2017: 
By Brandon Miller

"Take a child hunting," this phrase is beat virtually into every hunter, in no way would I ever diminish the act of taking a child hunting but often times I feel we overlook adults who given the chance may love the lifestyle if only someone would introduce them. Take an adult, as a guide I bared witness to numerous people both young and old transition into a hunter and kill their first animal, catch their first fish and enjoy the bounties this earth has to offer first hand. Although a child killing their first hog, deer or turkey is a magical and emotional event seeing an adult do this is an unequaled event in itself. It's a given my son and daughter will and have been exposed to the outdoors but how many mothers and fathers have not been, to reach the next generation I believe we have to enrich the lives of their parents to see what nature has to offer and severe the disconnect between social life and the outdoors. We have to reach out to families, not just the children.

Neither of my older brother's were hunters until last year both seemed to take interest at the same time. We talked about it for several months but scheduling conflicts prevented this from happening deer season was almost over when I sent my middle brother a picture of a buck my friend had harvested, simultaneously he was watching a show where a man had just harvested a hog, he said "That's it, we are doing it next week." We made plans and arrangements to deer hunt on a property I had been granted permission. The cold and wind was biting through us in the blind, I had built out of sweet gum saplings on edge of an old cotton field. My fingers hurt from cold, my lips chapped and my left foot was completely asleep, there was nowhere else I would have rather been. Off to our right a single boar hog stepped out and fed towards us, we watched it for what seemed like an eternity, the decision was made to take the shot. He steadied my Savage 30.06 on the shooting stick and the rest was history, with a perfectly placed shot and at that moment I witnessed my older brother become a hunter! I had introduced someone who had given me so much into my world and words fall short to describe such a feeling.

Since then my brother who would not look at wild game has become an advocate for our lifestyle. He relives the hunt when we sit down at the table to a hearty plate of wild hog cube steak. These people, those that do not hunt or fish are who vote for our rights afield, we are few and need to reinforce our voice with the strength of masses that do not participate. Take an adult, your brother, sister, co-worker anybody, be a good representative to this cherished way of life and add another vote in our direction but make it bigger than politics you will change their life and instill in them a love for all things wild.