The Story Behind Bowhunters of America

June 12th, 2017:
By Blake Alma,

Bowhunters of America is an awesome, family-friendly Facebook group. With over 135,000 members, they run a very clean and enjoyable group. James Reese (JR), the founder of Bowhunters of America (BOA), and I had a great talk about the group.

BA: Why did you start BOA?
JR: I started BOA because I wanted a place for fellow hunters to come to a place free of bashing, free of cursing... A place of support for any method of hunting...a place where the size of someone's animal will get a "congrats" instead of negative comments...a place free of drama and fighting.

BA: How did you manage to gain over 137k members?
JR: Hmmm word of mouth mostly, but I think mostly it's because we try to run a very clean, family friendly group...foul language isn't tolerated, neither is bashing.. we also have always had nice giveaways just for BOA members and keep the constant advertising of other groups off of BOA. I think people appreciate that! I also believe the Name of the group relates to everyone.

BA: What was the first year of running the group like, James?
JR: The first year of the group was much easier. With fewer members. We had fewer folks that wanted to cause issues and drama.

BA: What is it like to administrate a group of that size?
JR: It's a tremendous amount of work. no matter what I decide someone doesn't like it. I stay true to my beliefs and I do what I feel is right, Do I make mistakes? You bet... all the time... However I'm not sorry for making the effort I do. Even though I created BOA, I could not run this group without my admins. Those guys are the backbone that make the group run the way it is and I couldn't do it without them or the good members.

BA: Is your favorite part of running the group?
JR: That's easy! Seeing the kiddos enjoy the sport we feels good to know that parent's trust us enough to allow their kids on BOA. That alone speaks volumes! If you surround yourself by good People good things will happen!

BA: What do you see for the future of BOA?
JR: I don't know what the future holds...whatever God has planned is good with us...We would love to see BOA move to the next level if you will, but like I said, that's up to God.