FAKE: Hunters’ Attempts to Troll PETA Backfire Big Time

August 24th, 2017:
By Blake Alma,

PETA recently made an article post on their site stating that "Hunters’ Attempts to Troll PETA Backfire Big Time." I want you to think long and hard why PETA made that post. They created that posted because the were threatened by the thousands of sportsmen who change their Facebook profile image to "Shoot selfies, not animals...PETA".

As the PETA article stated "More than 250,000 people have used the frame, and it’s currently the most popular one on all of Facebook. As if that weren’t enough, PETA’s Facebook page saw a more than 50 percent increase in “likes” from Tuesday to Wednesday." Of course, you will see a dramatic change in likes from the day before, because vegans and antihunters are also using the filter in efforts to support PETA. That is where the likes were produced, that if what PETA is saying is true.

PETA can write whatever the heck they want! The key reason to why PETA wrote the article because they want us sportsmen to stop using the filter. If the filter was really helping PETA why would they write the article for us sportsmen to see and stop using the filter? Why would they want us to stop using the filter if the filter was helping them? What is the logic in that? They wrote this article in efforts to make us stop using the filter because they wanted us to think that the filter was helping them and that our provoking of PETA objective backfired! Well it didn't backfire, they have seen us as a threat and they are mad and wanted it to stop. Not even going to mention how PETA called us serial killers...

We sportsmen have all united ourselves together mocking PETA, it overjoys me to see us working together. Rather than to see us fight and getting mad about who uses what bow or what camo you wear. Who cares? We all love the same sport and we must work together to stop the enemies, PETA!

PETA Article: peta.org/blog/hunters-attempts-troll-peta-backfire-big-time/

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