Huntress Commits Suicide Due to Anti-hunting Harassment

August 4th, 2017:
By Blake Alma

Anti-hunters bring me so much pain and it ticks me off to no end. They may be one of the most ignorant things alive. Their foolish activism has resulted in chaos throughout the decade, but now resulted in death. Melania Capitan, a Spanish hunter and blogger, was harassed by the antis at such a level, that it resulted in her taking her own life. The antis will harass in many ways, mostly through online activism. Melania likely received death threats and hate messages.

In my outdoor career, I have received harassment from anti-hunters, telling me to go do the environment a favor and hang myself. Little did I know, this type of harassment resulted in a fellow outdoor person taking her life.

My heart only pours out to Melania and her family. Knowing that the foolish, idiotic act of anti-hunting harassment resulted in Melania's death. As I write this, I am pulling my hair out, only trying to fathom why antis are the way they are.

Colton Bailey said, "It is one thing to disagree with hunting, but to wish harm on a hunter and view an animal’s life as more important than that of a human is something I will never, ever understand, ever." I couldn't agree more.

To add to this, antis and vegans are celebrating the death of Melania, which brings me a greater amount of pain and anger. Will antis ever stop? Are you happy now, animal freaks???

Blake Alma
Host of The Outdoor Experience TV