Sportsmen Community Upset by Paul Ryan’s Call for Gun Control

August 28th, 2017:
By OutdoorHub Reporters,

During a Town Hall meeting, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) took several questions on Charlottesville, and the general state of our nation.
In the midst of answering those questions, Ryan – when asked about the 2012 Sikh temple shooting – made some comments on gun control that raised more than a few eyebrows on pro-gun activist’s foreheads.
Here’s video of the Town Hall meeting:

The pro-gun community was upset, and caught off-guard by Ryan’s comments, because in this instance, there was no crime committed with a gun. Heather Heyer’s death, while tragic in every sense, was caused by a crazed person with car, not a gun.

The audience member who brought up the Sikh temple attack was a familiar face to Ryan, because the questioner’s father had been killed in the shooting....