WHO CARES? Houston Animals Are Lost, Cold and Suffering Too

August 29th, 2017:
By Blake Alma,

The recent hurricane Harvey is a very tragic event that has a death toll of 35 people thus far. What a terrible event. Many people have been injured, and currently many rescue missions are in progress. In all of this human tragedy, people are showing more care and compassion for animals that have been injured or trapped by the flooding! Are you for real people? Come on, get ahold of yourselves. I get it, people like their pets, I really do (I have a pet), but there are so many more human victims that need people's care and compassion. Over 9,000 people slept in Houston's Convention center on Monday. That is great, glad they open the doors for people. Oh wait, they also open the door for pets. I mean really??? People need that space! When will the media and people realize that people are so much more important that animals?

Note: This image is not from Hurricane Harvey 

"The Humane Society of the United States, Wings of Rescue, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), GreaterGood.org and other organizations are flying homeless dogs and cats from Texas shelters to facilities in other parts of the country to make room for the influx of thousands of homeless animals being picked up in the hurricane-devastated areas. The relocated animals will be put up for adoption in their new areas, while the Texas shelters hold pets that otherwise would be lost or abandoned in the wake of the hurricane and floods." Sure, fly the animals to safety and give them places to stay, but don't give the people in a need a place to fly and stay. That is logical. Come on, use that money and effort for the people not animals. Jesus spent his 3 years of earthly ministry making the blind animals see again, and making the lame animals walk again, right? NO! He spent his time with people, healing them and teaching the gospel. That is what we need to do! I would most certainly hope you would save your wife and children before you save your pet. Now if everyone was safe, by all means go save your pet, but we are far from that. Will we ever learn?

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