Hunter Shot Dead While in Pursuit of a Lion

January 31st, 2018,
By Blake Alma:

A 75-year old man was shot dead in South Africa while on captive-bred lion hunting farm on Saturday.

The hunter shot dead was Pero Jelinic from Croatia. Also, two other Croatians, were hunting with him at the farm at Leeubosch Lodge near Setlagole, when the incident occurred.

Pero Jelinic had already killed a lion and were tracking a second lion when Jelinic was shot.

The incident remains sketchy. It is not yet clear who fired the fatal shot. Some reports state that the incident accidental while others could say otherwise.

"He was air-lifted to a hospital by helicopter, but doctors were unable to save the man's life. A case of culpable homicide has been opened, and police are also investigating charges of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. At this stage, it is not clear who fired the fatal shot that killed Mr. Jelinic. Our investigations are ongoing." Police spokesperson Captain Charlize van der Linden said. stated that the incident was "karma in action." Even though "canned" lion hunting is frowned upon by most people, this story should be giving hunters chill bumps. We as hunters should be sorry and sad whether the man was killed intentionally or not. Knowing that a fellow hunter dead while enjoying the pursuit that we all love and responsibly pursue.

If that shot was intentional, it should bring us to our knees knowing that someone murdered a man only to save the life of a lion. Idiotic and foolish antihunting behavior at it's finest. If the shot was unintentional, our blood ought to be boiling at the fact that the media is praising the death of a fellow hunter. As hunters who all love the same sport, let's unite, teach, pass on, and fight for our beloved sport.