PETA attacks PGA golfer who missed cut after hitting bird with tee shot

April 15th, 2018:
By Blake Alma

On Friday, Kelly Kraft, a PGA Tour pro, hit the tee and missed the cut at the RBC Heritage at Hilton Head due to a freak incident.

Kelly thought he hit a clean tee shot on the par 3 14th hole. However, he missed because he hit a bird mid-flight before dropping into the water in front of the hole.

Kraft appealed for another shot, using the cancel and replay rule that allows a golfer another play without penalty if the shot hits a man-made object. However a bird isn’t a man-made, so the officials didn’t give him another shot.

Kelly Craft Twitter

Because of the bird, Kraft double-bogeyed the hole and missed the cut and a payday by one stroke.

“It cost me the cut, most likely. There was a helping wind, and I hit a 7-iron, caught it perfect. It was probably 30 yards off the tee box and this giant, blackbird swooped in front of it and hit it and the ball fell 20 yards short in the water. It would’ve been in the middle of the green. It might have been close. I got screwed.” Kraft told PGA Tour.

The bird actually survived the incident. It flew away after the collision according to

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) attacked Kraft with a somewhat harsh statement.

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PETA representative Lisa Lange told USA Today, “PETA is glad the bird is OK and sorry Kelly Kraft didn’t advance, but that’s not the bird’s fault. Of course, he would have advanced if he’d played better on other holes — so practice, practice, practice." Lange then reminded golf players to be kind to animals.

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